Big picture double reveal


I have been a classic user since the beginning. By comparison, I have only been a “Next” user for a few days. One of my favorite techniques was having the “big picture” overview at the beginning of the presentation, then going through your frames / path (now topics) but at the end surprising the audience by zooming out even further and revealing that the original “big picture” was just a piece of an even larger big picture.

How can I replicate this technique in Next? If I do it the way I used to, then the audience will see the initial overview before I jump into the first topic (the fake overview)…

Edit the path as in Prezi Classic

You can go to a topic and then through that topic do the rest of your presentation. You will not be able to see or move your “path” as you did in Classic, but you also will not be zoomed out to the Overview page after every topic. This is the only workaround we have found to work. It is VERY time consuming and if you want to change something, you will have to go into the topic instead of just moving the “deck” cards around. If you want to have a ‘Classic’ presentation, you need to just stick with Classic. This is what we have found to work for us. I put in days to re-do a few of our Classics into Next and then had to just stop because Next does NOT perform like Classic unless you use many workarounds. You can go through the forum and find out how others have done their workarounds too. Good luck!


@Drew_Douglas, that is a very effective presentation technique indeed.

The way it can be achieved in Prezi Next is through a combination of animations: zoom area and fade in.

You can see an example of such a reveal here.

And here you can see the step-by-step guide: an overview, zooming into specific areas, the fade in, and then the reveal of the “big picture”.

I hope this helps!


This does not work in all situations. Your example is VERY simplistic. We have more complicated paths that you can easily do in Classic. It would be VERY helpful to be able to do the exact some thing in Next.