Black Camera Desktop Version

I downloaded the Free version of Prezi Video and unfortunately the camera is not working.
I have a black screen where my picture should be, despite all approvals from the Mac system and all updates.

In the web version it works without problems.

Hi @Jonas_Hieber, could you please tell me what is your exact MacOS and the device you are using?
Can you send a screenshot of the issue?

Hi @Bart, i am currently using Mac Os Montery on my MacBook pro from 2019.

Unfortunately, I can’t take a screenshot right now. But the program itself runs without problems, only there where the picture must be, everything is black.

Hi @Jonas_Hieber, could you please check if the correct camera is selected in Prezi Video? You can do so in the top left-hand menu.

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It worked. Didn´t select the right camera… Thank you!