Black screen by using a topic

when I select a subtopic in the ‘right topic-window’, the internet-browser shows a black screen (chrome) or doesn’t work anymore (edge). Why?

per example, by Explore I’m choosing a Goal, then i cannot work anymore. A restart is the only solution.

When I shot down the browser en restart the prezi, the subtopic is inserted and ready to use.

Hello @Christiaan_Aalberts, does this happen with one specific presentation or all of your presentations? In case it is just one of them can you please send me the URL?

It’s not a specific presentation.
When I’m using a Goal as a topic, then there are no problems. Just when I choose them on sub-topic-level.

per example

Hi @Christiaan_Aalberts, I tested your account (on a Mac OS Mojave, using Chrome) and had absolutely no issue with this. You can see me adding a Goal topic to a presentation.

In this case, the problem persists most likely a firewall or another security software running on your computer is preventing you from accessing our site. I would suggest consulting this tutorial. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us!