Black screen on Prezi Video

Hi, I installed Prezi Video software succesfully on Windows 10 but every time I launch it pops the welcome screen and then gets black and won’t let me start a video o conference. I unistalled and reintalled it several times but it is not working. My computer runs an i5 processor and 4gb RAM, and Intel graphics video card. Thanks for your help. The software does show me the options of imporrting or starting a video but then the screen goes black and stops working.I hope you can guide to work this out.

Hi @Cesar_Diaz, could you send us a screenshot of the issue? Is it the whole application that goes black, or it is only your camera view that is not visible?

Please note that your video card might not meet the system requirements of Prezi Video.

Thanks Bart for the quick reply I appreciate your assistance. It turns out that PreziVideo for some reason is not capable to run on my Win 10 laptop and it crashes everytime with a whole black screen not allowing me to load any of my presentations; So, I installed the version and now is running smoothly. Here’s the links should someone faces the same issues.

For 32bit Windows:
For 64bit Windows:

Thank you

Hi @Cesar_Diaz, sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for posting here the workaround. I have sent you a private message to investigate this issue further.