Blank message box in desktop app

This is with the latest Windows 10 Prezi Next 1.31 Desktop app (Build 8, 64 bit)

I was loading a Prezi and received an error message about loading fonts. It suggested to check my internet connection. My internet connection is fine. There was no other steps in the error message to address the problem so I clicked OK. Then I got this message box which is completely blank!

I then tried to close Prezi, but it became stuck so I had to use Windows to force close the application. When I restarted Prezi and reopened the same Prezi it worked fine.

These same steps have happened for a few years and keep hoping it would be fixed.

Hello @JJ_JJ, can you still reproduce the issue or the blank box is no longer showing up?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Using Windows 10 Prezi Next Desktop app. Sometimes, not always, when you first launch Prezi desktop and launch a presentation in the editor mode the editor can take a 1-2 minutes before all the images are loaded. The performance is not deterministic for me. Sometimes when the performance is particularly slow a message appears about not being able to load fonts. The error message does not have any suggestion about what to do or how to resolve it. Clicking on OK on that error message will get you to the subsequent blank error message I reported. When I see it again I’ll update this post, but basically it requires opening presentations in edit mode multiple times before you see it.