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Hello Dear Prezi Next Community

Each of the templates is amazing, but I want to test my creativity. Does anyone knows how to create a blank Prezi template?

Hello @Ahmet_Emin_Avci1, you are able to find our Blank template under the General category of the chooser:

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Thank you so much. I’m really glad that I’ve paid for this app. I’m happy…


PREZI NEXT is the most frustrating disappointment to me.

All I want to do is make old-style PREZI CLASSIC Prezis, and I cannot find out how to do this.

The TOPIC window doesn’t let me make links between any images I import. They simply sit there, doing nothing.

Here’s the workflow I want to use…

  1. Open a blank template, and import a bunch of PNG files.
  2. Arrange them as I want them to be seen.
  3. Link them.
  4. Present.

With PREZI CLASSIC, that’s exactly what I do.

With PREZI NEXT, here’s what happens…

  1. I choose a blank template. This opens a topic. I import a bunch of PNGs into that topic.
  2. I arrange them.
  3. THERE IS NO WAY TO LINK THEM. NONE. NOTHING. NADA. Not only that, there is no way to get PREZI NEXT to fathom that each PNG is its own entity in a presentation.
  4. No Presentation.

How do I do a normal old-style PREZI?


Hello @Roy_Blumenthal, I would suggest either deleting all the topics from your presentation leaving only the blank canvas, then inserting the images and adding zoom area animations to them (in case you’re only using images), or adding more topics/subtopics to the presentation and customizing them. In Prezi Next you need to add the topics first, and then your content (text, images, etc.). For example you can delete or change the original topic circle to any other object, or simply upload an image into it. Here is an article tutorial on how you can edit the topic covers. Once you’ve edited the cover you can open the topic itself and add content you’d like to be visible when zooming in. If you have any other questions or need further assistance feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks Sara…

I’ve just given that a try. And it sort of works.

But the workflow is extremely complex, and it is nowhere near what could be accomplished in Prezi Classic.

Here’s how the PREZI NEXT workflow looks…

  1. Delete everything on the canvas, until just the canvas remains.
  2. Click on the INSERT button to get to the correct dialogue box for uploading a picture.
  3. Click UPLOAD in order to upload ONE picture at a time. You cannot drag and drop images onto the canvas. You cannot select more than one image at a time.
  4. Once you’ve uploaded all of the images required, arrange them. They cannot be rotated. They can only be resized.
  5. To create the PREZI CLASSIC zoom from image to image, you need to click the INSERT button once again.
  6. Then you have to select ANIMATION.
  7. Then you have to physically click on the image you want to animate, then click on the “+” button in the dialogue box on the right hand side of the screen.
  8. If you select “ZOOM TO IMAGE”, that zooms to the entire image. Or you can use the “ZOOM TO AREA” item to select a specific part of the image to navigate to. Again, no rotation of that is possible.
  9. Now you have to click on the next pic. And go through these steps again. The order can be changed by dragging and dropping the numbered list item up or down. And that neatly reorders the play path.
  10. At the end, you have a text list on the right of the screen, with no preview of what can be seen in those items. The text list contains no meaningful identification text about the images. I have four items in my dummy presentation. This is what the text list says: 1. Zoom to Image. 2. Zoom to Area. 3. Zoom to Image. 4. Zoom to Image.
  11. On the left hand side of the screen, there is only one entry, a blank box with nothing showing in it, labelled “Overview”. I cannot change that label.
  12. Running the presentation gives a similar result to the way PREZI CLASSIC used to work. But without any rotations.

Right clicking on an image yields an “Edit Image” menu item. There is a “Transform” option in this list. There is a tool to change the rotation of the image. However, it is a destructive transformation. As you rotate the image, it expands the pic, beyond the borders of the viewing area it occupies. It then cuts off whatever falls outside of the borders.

And, again, in present view, this rotated image is regarded as a straight image, as it was before, just with the contents of the box rotated, not actually rotating the canvas to follow the angle of that picture.

In the old PREZI CLASSIC, accomplishing a similar presentation was a matter of literally dragging and dropping images from a folder, arranging them, rotating as needed, and editing the path. That was it. No repeated pushing of buttons. And everything was visible in the left hand navigation bar.

Here, everything is a mystery. Nothing is obvious. And nothing is visible, except for the canvas itself and its contents.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease bring the PREZI CLASSIC functionality into PREZI NEXT. The tool is useless to me as it stands. It’s really horrendous to work with. And it doesn’t give me anything close to what PREZI CLASSIC brings.

Thanks for giving me the insight about the ANIMATION MENU and the ZOOM TO menu items. Without you explicitly pointing these things out to me, I would not have been able to discover how to do this.

Hello @Roy_Blumenthal , I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Prezi Next and I will forward your feedback to our developers. Prezi Next works differently form Prezi Classic and uses topics and subtopics instead of frames. I would suggest visiting our knowledge base where you can find useful articles and video tutorials on how to use the editor. You can also rotate both images and zoom areas is Next, please consult this article tutorial. To preview animations, you’ll need to click on the arrow icon next to the animations’ name. You can find an article on how to reorder your topics here. If there’s anything else I can help you with please let me know.

Bonjour, est-il possible de créer une présentation en partant de rien ?

Bonjour @Emma_Ovsec , veuillez excuser les erreurs, j’utilise un logiciel de traduction. Oui, vous pouvez tout supprimer d’un modèle ou simplement choisir l’un de nos modèles vierges dans le sélecteur de modèles. Les blancs sont dans la catégorie générale. J’espère que ça aide.

I want to use Press video and Press presentation, but I don’t want to use the templates. Is it possible to create video presentations in this program without the templates?

Hello @Krista_Guerrero, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic, could you please check the answers above?

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