Bluetooth disappear after use iPad as clicker

Hi everybody,

I’m getting crazy, because I cannot use my iPad Air as clicker with my HP Probook more than half an hour after the Laptop’s bluetooth crashes completely. Then there is no way to reconnect, because the Bluetooth disappears and you need to restart the laptop to have it available again.

Anybody uses the clicker function more than half an hour without problems?

I’ve upgraded the Bios, the Bt drivers, W10 has its latest upgrades, I tried with different laptops and iPads (always with the same models).

Any idea?


Hi @Triticale,

This issue sounds like a local problem with your HP Probook’s Bluetooth device or driver. I can see that you have done all the upgrades on your Probook, so this seems like a compatibility issue.

Have you tried this with several other HP Probook laptops and several other iPads? Can you try once with an iPhone and see how that works out? Could you also give us the exact model of the HP Probook that you are using?

Thanks for your answer,

Finally I bought a USB Bluetooth device and it seems it works over the computer BT and it runs properly.
At least I’ve completed a whole presentation test without connection problems, something that never happened before.

Laptops tested are two Probooks 430 G3 and G4. iPads were always Air ones. But my feeling is that something is wrong with the computers bluetooth or the connection software, not with the iPad…

Anyway, thanks for your support. I’ll keep the forum updated if I discover something more.

Hi @Triticale, I’m happy you have found a workaround. :slight_smile:

Yes, indeed, it seems like a bug in this series of the Hp Probook if it can not be reproduced with the external Bluetooth device. Let us know about your long term experiences with this solution.