Blurry Slides in RingCentral

I’m attempting to use prezi video in a live virtual meeting using RingCentral. The presentation loads fine, but the slides are quite blurry. Any ideas how I can sharpen the slides? It looks fine in Zoom, but in RingCentral, it gets very blurry.

Hi @Adam_Stoverink, RingCentral is not an officially supported platform, but it should work fine with Prezi Video if RingCentral can accept Virtual Camera feeds.

The issue you are describing seems to be on RingCentral, I would advise you to consult their Knowledge Base or contact their support.

Thank you @Bart. I spoke with their support yesterday and they told me Prezi would need to work with their dev team to produce an API.

Hi @Adam_Stoverink, could you please elaborate on that?

Prezi Video’s output is a virtual camera that can be picked up by video conferencing tools. If the quality of this virtual camera image is good on Zoom but it is blurry on RingCentral it means that RingCentral does not pick up the camera in a proper quality on their side.

What kind of API do they mean?

I’m not sure. Unfortunately, I’ll have to use PowerPoint for this presentation.

Thanks, @Adam_Stoverink for your feedback, I’m going to forward it to our product team.