Blurry Video on iMac

So I’m using the desktop version of Prezi Video on my new iMac. While recording everything looks great! But once I finished the recording, the final video is actually blurry throughout. Any idea why??

Hi @Todd_Nesloney, could you please share 2 screenshots showing the blurriness and the correct video?

What is the last point where you see the video in good quality?
Could you also let me know more details about your iMac and the OS you have installed on it?

Hey Bart! I already deleted the video. The first 2 seconds it was clear, then the entire rest of the video it was blurry. BUT when I made my slide full screen, that was clear. I currently have a brand new iMac with the apple chip in it operating with the newest OS.

Hi @Todd_Nesloney, thanks for the details.

Are you using an external camera on your device? What is the exact model of the camera?

If I understood right during the recording the video shows with good quality, then when you save it became blurry? Did you save it locally or did you upload it to our site?

I am using the camera built in on my iMac.

When I was recording it was crystal clear. When I was done recording and replayed it, it was burry. Even before I saved/downloaded it.

Hi @Todd_Nesloney, thanks, I’m forwarding this case to our developers.

Could you also check the quality if you record a video in the browser version?

Looks like it’s fine in the browser version.

Thanks @Todd_Nesloney, I’ll get back to you once I have any news about this.