Border of subtopic's shapes

I have selected a template whose subtopic shapes have a border that can be changed in thickness and color (fig.1). If I change the subtopic shape (fig.2) the border disappears and it is impossible to modify it even by selecting the “advanced editing” option (fig.3).

Is it possibile to have different subtopic shapes with border?

Thank you

Hey @Rosa_Albrizio, currently the layouts are not using Prezi shapes, but PDF shapes. Prezi shapes (they’re located under Insert -> Shapes) offer more customization including border thickness.
By default, topics have a circle Prezi shape, however, by changing it to a different shape it will turn into a PDF shape and lose some of the customization features.

You would need to change it back to a Prezi shape by going into Advanced topic editing and replacing the topic cover with a Prezi shape.

I hope this helped!