Bring the features of Classic to Next


You must all be bored of hearing from the lovers of Classic about how great it is and how Next sucks. Unfortunately, I am one of those people too.
We all totally understand the rationale behind moving from the older, creakier, Flash-based system to the current, more robust architecture. Your hand was forced and it had to happen.
We also get that the incompatibilities between the two systems make conversion from Classic to Next a tough job - indeed impossible since there’s no way to reproduce the look of classic, even if the tech was there to do it.

However, what you could do would be to recreate Classic within Next. Seriously, how hard would that be? When Prezi first came out, it lived in a powerpoint-dominated market. Now we are awash with presentation options (powtoon / Emaze etc), which are all very competitive against Next but NONE of them come close to being as educationally and conceptually awesome as Classic.

So, my suggestion is simple. Please please please bring back the things that make Classic awesome and put them in Next. Maybe even as a whole separate set of templates (please make one of them blank too!).
Free zooming, frame pathway choice, hidden frames to zoom into, smooth transitions with subtle movements, no prescriptive movements, none of the topic/subtopic terribleness.

The versatility and power of Classic is unmatched anywhere in the marketplace. It was genius and still is. Please, just bring it out of Flash and into the new platform standard.

Even if this still meant that we couldn’t convert our old Classic Prezis into the new format, it would still be a huge improvement on what we have in Next, which is a highly prescriptive, template-based system that enforces linear progressions between topics/subtopics, just like powerpoint and indeed all the others on the market. The power of the zoom feature it totally lost because you can’t zoom in and out in a controlled fashion. Instead, the transition between topics and sub-topics is jerky and highly annoying to watch.

Why can’t we make prezi great again?


I understand your frustration. I did see these problems coming long before. Building a solution on top of product of another company is dangerious for longterm stability. But prezi Classic was awesome and payable. But as you probably have noticed the Prezi price was raised incredibly just to cover the development costs of Next. But Next is not at all at Classic level. It is always a bad timing raising your price while not having a satisfying product and growpath in place. Two problems are created: The prezi customers of the Classic version are not pleased, they have to pay more than 50% more for the Classic product that in fact is end of support and see the Next product that is not capable to deliver what was before. Keep in mind that whatever content you push in there can’t be extracted. So I decided to persue other tools and keep the memory of a good product that once was.


We are doing the same thing. . . It is very sad what Prezi has done to itself. :(. What other tools are you looking at?


Yes, I agree I cannot even find simple things like how to check my spelling!
What is happening with this NEXT is frustrating to the end users!
I am attending an online University who requires me to ramp up with Prezi
and it is so frustrating to just make a simple presentation.


So I tried Emaze:

In short, utterly hopeless by comparison with classic - not even as good as Next!

It’s essentially just powerpoint with fancy 3-d transitions that audiences will get bored of by the third slide. We all know that flying-around transitions between slides rapidly becomes an uwelcome distraction from the content. In terms of getting a message over, transitions suck unless they complement the content thread. Don’t bother with emaze!

It nicely highlights the problem with templates; they incarcerate you into a thread that almost certainly doesn’t ideally match your content. Hence the dazzling appeal of classic, you had all the versatility you could possibly want.

Powtoon is much more complex and versatile and so takes many weeks to become a master. I never quite got that far because it’s still fundamentally a slide to slide structure with super-fancy transitions and builds. It gives you huge versatility in building each slide and there are tons of kooky options, animations, frills and video options but from an educational POV, compared with classic, it’s lame.

There’s no way to pan out to the overview at any stage. You can’t reveal a concept gradually and you can’t stand off it at the end. It is competitive with Next to some degree but it’s much slower to create a final presentation. It doesn’t compete with classic at all, other than it is supported! Powtoon is not great for people wanting to knock out a quick presentation. So Next smashes it there. It’s for someone wanting to spend most of the day putting together an animation-heavy explanatory piece. Takes ages, looks cool in the end, educationally weak and no zoom or path-choice features.

Haiku deck - the very opposite end of the scale. Very simple, just slides, no interest. One for beginners I would say - powerpoint light. Slidess is similar - a different take on ppt.

That’s all I got through!

Felt sad at the end of my search because I’d found a bunch of programmes that were competitive in certain respects with Next but none come remotely close to matching Classic.



We have done the same with Powtoon, Emaze, Haiku. . . . Looks like we are going back to PowerPoint if Next is not updated with the requested features (19 months and still waiting) that many, many paying customers have requested, in the next 6 months. . . . It took 18 months to get graphics editing on the browser version only. We are wondering if it will take 18 months to get it for the desktop version. . . . (yeah, a bit of sad sarcasm. . . )


Bonjour à tous,

en tant que client français, j’adhère à tout ce qui est dit dans vos échanges. Prezi est une solution géniale et la version next permet d’alléger la vue générale par rapport à Prezi Classic mais il est vrai qu’il est grand temps d’importer les fonctionnalités essentielles à Classic vers Prezi Next.

Merci à Prezi de faire au plus vite car comme beaucoup, nous pensons que nous ne demandons pas l’impossible et qu’il vous serait possible d’ajouter les fonctionnalités demandées.

Bonne année 2019 à tous,


Hello everyone,

as a French customer, I adhere to all that is said in your exchanges. Prezi is a great solution and Prezi Next is nice to lighten the overall view compared to Prezi Classic but it is true that it is high time to import the essential features of Classic to Prezi Next.

Thanks to Prezi for doing it as soon as we think we are not asking for the impossible and you could add the required features.

Happy New Year 2019 to all,