Browser editor crashing?

I’m editing pages of a draft Prezi but the editing interface (Style, Insert, Share etc. at the top, page thumbnails in sidebar…) seems to disappear when I burrow two levels down and then will not reappear when I move back up in the page hierarchy. I assume this is simply a bug… can anyone confirm, and also confirm whether there is a limit to how many levels of topic, sub-topic it is possible to create?

Hello @Paul_Ireson, could you please share a screen recording or screenshot of the issue?

Could you also tell me how many layers you are using? Usually we recommend fewer levels than 7.

The problem occurred just three levels down. Screenshot attached.

I was able to get around the problem simply by using Chrome; the problem happened when I was using Safari

Hi @Paul_Ireson, I’m happy the issue could be solved by using Chrome.

Can you please make sure you do not have any adblock addons on your Safari and that you clear the cache of the application?