Business account


our firm would like to open plus account, but we need to get original invoice, because we are identified for WAT. Our WAT number is: SI13881213. Is it possible to have account Plus (15$/mo) and not the premium one, because just one person will use the account? Thank you for your answer.


Hello @Anja_Hohler, you can absolutely have an individual Plus license and also provide your VAT number when subscribing so you don’t have to pay the VAT when purchasing the license!


Thank you for your answer. We have registrate our firm under the account Will u send us invoice, or we can get it somewere in the application?


You can download your invoices from your Account Settings page from your account!


Hello again,
we would like to download the invoice but we dont have button for PDF in Account Settings. Can u help us?
And another thing, we would not like to extend the membership for now (account is valid until 14 Ferbruary-tomorrow), do we need to do anything? Will membership cancel automaticly or not?
Thank you.


Hello @Anja_Hohler,

I couldn’t find an account under, did you maybe use a different email address for registering? Once you provide me with an account email address, I’m happy to prepare an invoice for you and cancel your subscription. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,