call to action button with link to external page

I’d love to use my prezis as a marketing channel. Therefore I’d like to have the possibility to have e.g. a “Buy now >” button where I can define a link to a webpage which will then open.  
Think of a prezi as a landing page… wouldn’t that be cool?! 

But for that, an important function is missing…
As far as I know, the only way for embedding an external link ist to write the complete url like "" … not very charming … so my button would look like] … :-/ The urls are usually way longer… 

I see two solutions: 

  1. Make it possible to link regular text like on any webpage
  2. Create buttons which can act as a link to external webpages

If security issues are the reason for this behavior, you could show the full link on mouse over, like the title tag of a html a-tag… 
I’d prefer solution no. 1… 

Hello Alexander Kappler,

yes you are correct - at this time Prezi will only allow a URL as you mention for hyperlinking -

As a workaround, you may be able to mask the text in some way using a simple image (same colour as the background - if plain) - maybe a png or swf file which allows transparency?



Don’t forget that (if you haven’t already) you can upgrade your license to get more features (own logo, privacy and more space for your Prezis -