Can a Prezi be Embedded into on online learning module?

I create online modules for my company and I think it would be neat to use Prezi to add more interactivity. Because of our IT firewalls and limitations, I would need to host the Prezi as an embedded element. Is that possible? I use Articulate Studio.

Hi Valandluna,

We have a topic in the community forum about “Embedding prezis into third party sites”, please check it out.
Also we have an API for prezi player, which can be helpful in case you need to quickly and easily embed a Prezi player into a web page, and then programmatically control it using JavaScript.
With this API, you can listen for user interactions and update the state of your embedded Prezi in response. You can even go a step further and write some server-side code to introduce new input methods that can drive user interactions with your Prezi. 

Here you can find more information.

Hope this helps.

Hello Nicki, how about embedding Prezi into LearnDash? Is that possible? 

Thanks Vera, please let me know how you go about this. Would really love to hear from you if this is possible :slight_smile: