Can background color be transparent?

I have a gif that I love (created with Prezi Design), but I prefer only the masked circular shape and would like the white portion to be clear/transparent. Is this possible?
BB Program logo gif1

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Hi @Robert_Morgan!

Thanks for reaching out! Transparent background is only available for PNG and PDF downloads. If you’re adding this GIF to a website that has a colored background, for example, I can suggest changing the background color to match the website. We use HEX color codes. Here’s also a tutorial on Changing the background in Prezi Design – Prezi Support Center

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Thanks. I am actually trying to create an IG story gif/sticker and all or most of those have transparent backgrounds.

@Robert_Morgan for an Instagram story, you can resize the project manually to the recommended IG story size (1080px x 1920px) and export it as video as well. Here are tutorials on Resizing the canvas and Downloading projects as MP4 videos.