Can I add a background music track and voiceover for separate frames?

I am creating a presentation where I want to upload my voiceover to provide context to the visuals. I understand that I’ll need to record my voiceover in separate audio files and upload each one to each frame.

In addition, I want to have a continuous background loop of some music. I want to control the volume so that it does not overpower the voice over.

I’d be very grateful for tips on how to achieve this within Prezi without having to resort to using some screencast software.

Hello Richard Davies,

yes this should work within Prezi already - when you put sound on to a path point (e.g. narration) it will play each point as you progress throughout the presentation. If you also have a background sound in the Prezi the sound volume of the background sound will automatically quieten to allow you to hear the narration.

It may take a little experimenting with the sound levels of the sound files but it can be done. The alternative way would be to play your sounds in a third party player outside of Prezi (not ideal I know as it would need controlling by someone I would have thought).



Dear Supporters!

I added a backround music which stops playing music when i need to show a video, but wont fade out enought to hear the music added to a specific step. 
Thank you in advance

just adding more frustration :)  - it;s not so helful just to make the playback a bit quiter when you need to play additional soundtrack on a specific frame - it sounds really bad overlaying on top of each other, pls add an option to mute the playback while playing additional soudtracks! thanks :slight_smile: