Can I add subtopics with images without zooming in?



I’m quite new to Prezi Next (and Prezi in general) so forgive me if this has been asked (I couldn’t see an answer but hopefully someone can help!).

I have a topic, and within the subtopics I just want to add images, which I have figured out how to do, great! However, when presenting I do not want to go from Topic to subtopic to subtopic, I just want to stay on the Topic, have the planets with their images in them around it as a visual and then move onto the next topic. Does anyone know how I can stop it from zooming into the subtopics and just to go to the next Topic?

Many thanks


As a solution, I could offer replacing subtopics with shapes with images inside like in this GIF. Would this be something you would like to achieve?


Hi Lana

Thanks for your message. I can’t see the Gif but yes that is exactly what I’ve done.



You’re welcome!

The GIF is here:

So you could solve the issue?


Hi Lana

Thanks for trying to send it again, but it still doesn’t work. I took a
screen shot for you. No worries sending again, just for you to know.

Yes I’ve solved it I think, thanks!


Glad it’s resolved!