Can I batch edit my content?

I’ve added multiple text boxes to a topic and would like to play around with the size/colour of of the text at once, without having to edit each textbox individually. Please tell me that’s doable!

Yes, that’s absolutely possible if you first select the objects you would like to edit. To select multiple objects you can either

  • Hold the SHIFT key and drag your cursor over the items you want to select, OR
  • Click on each object while holding down the SHIFT key.

The objects you’ve selected will now be outlined in blue. You can now batch edit your selected content!

Is there any way to select multiple things quickly? It’s really infuriating that I seem o have to click specifically on each item I want to select. Like a drag-select? Am I missing some clever trick here?

Hello @Katya_Veleva, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Could you please check the reply above? :slight_smile: