Can I blur the background that are not within my active frame?


Is there a setting so that while presenting, anything not within the active frame will still show but will be blurred? I have tried to add a Theme but it only blurs the background but I have shapes that are not blurred when using the Theme.

Thanks so much!!


Hi @Finley_Wetmore, could you share the link of your presentation so we can take a look and see what exactly you are trying to achieve? Thanks in advance.



Thanks, I’m afraid it is not possible to do what you are trying to achieve.

You might try to zoom in more so the other parts of the presentation are less visible when you are presenting about a certain topic, or you might fade in an object that covers up the frame and put your content on it. However, fading this object out when you are done with presenting that part is not possible in Prezi Classic, only in Prezi Next.