Can I connect subtopics with subtopics of another topic?


Hi, I am new in Prezi, i want to know if I can connect some subplanets of one topic with a planet o subplanet of other topic. Thank you.


Currently, it’s not possible to automatically connect subtopics of one topic with other subtopics of a different topic, I’m afraid. The only way to achieve a similar effect is to manually go back to overview while presenting and opening the subtopic by clicking on the topic it contains it.


Is this something that you are working on?
If so, is it high on the list?


Thank you for the reply. That move is a really big one I think, all we will love it if you can do it.


This feature is not on our short-term roadmap but I’ll update this topic with any news, thanks for bringing this up!


This feature will be super useful! Please also add the ability to zoom between subtopics. Thanks!