Can I connect subtopics with subtopics of another topic?

Currently, it’s not possible to automatically connect subtopics of one topic with other subtopics of a different topic, I’m afraid. The only way to achieve a similar effect is to manually go back to overview while presenting and opening the subtopic by clicking on the topic it contains it.

Is this something that you are working on?
If so, is it high on the list?

Thank you for the reply. That move is a really big one I think, all we will love it if you can do it.

This feature is not on our short-term roadmap but I’ll update this topic with any news, thanks for bringing this up!

This feature will be super useful! Please also add the ability to zoom between subtopics. Thanks!

Yes I agree, this feature would be fantastic! As topics are often inter-related :slight_smile:

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Hello @DArna_Doyle, thank you so much for your feedback, we’ll make sure to transmit it to our Product team :slight_smile:

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Any update on this? I really would like to use that feature as well, Thanks!

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Hello @Karl_White, thanks for sharing your feedback regarding this feature, we will send the request to our Product team and let you know if there are any news!

Apologies, this feels elementary but I’m new with Prezi, the UI has not made this obvious, and browsing the ‘create’ section of the community didn’t show any obvious answers.

I’m trying to create a Prezi that is essentially an action flowchart. So
Do X. Did that work? Yes/no. Yes and no are subtopics, each with their own actions.
But in some cases, I might want to go from one path to another. Imagine
Did A work? then do B. Did B work? Then do C. Did C work? Then do E …
If A did not work, then do D. Did D work? then do C and follow the C path from above.

Notice that we have either A-B-C or A-D-C. But I’d like to not have a duplicate C, so once I’ve created A-B-C, I want to be able to link from D directly to C.

Is that possible?

Hi @Roy_Rapoport, I’ve merged your question with the relevant topic. :slight_smile:
This feature is not available yet in Prezi, but I’ll share your feedback with our product team!

Hello, does this feature now exist?

Hi @Cristina, could you please detail what kind of feature would you need exactly?

The one described in this thread. Linking same subtopic to different topics

Hi @Cristina, in case you are only using topics and subtopics this is not possible without copying the subtopic to the 2nd location.

If you choose to use Zoom Areas you should be able to zoom back to previous areas within the same level (Overview - Topic - Subtopic)

Hope this helps!

I’m using a prezi to document the process and data supporting a project. I want to add hyperlinks to specific locations of a prezi and imbed those links into another document such that users can link to the correct section of the prezi without having to navigate through the entire prezi. Is that possible?

Hi @Maria_Tran, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answers above? :slight_smile:

If at least it was possible to connect a subtopic to a new zoom area it would be amazing. Or just the option to remove the go back to overview (to link to the next topic or zoom area) would be great.

Hello @Igor_Adrian_Vaz, thanks for sharing your feedback with us, we’ll make sure to transmit it to our Product team.

In relation to removing the option of going back to the overview, you’re able to choose the path for your topics/subtopics and select "Zoom directly to the next topic in your path” :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!

Hi Catarina,

Thanks for the feedback. I found this option. The problem is that my presentation has only one topic in the middle of zoom areas. So after finishing the topic what I would like is to link the last sub topic with the next zoom area.

What happens today is that the prezi automatically returns to the overview, creating a “break” in the fluidity of the presentation.

My alternative would be to change the zoom areas after the 1st topic to other topics, but that’s not what I’d like to do.