Can I convert my presentation into PDFs or PowerPoint with a free license?


I like to have backup plans for my presentations in the event I can’t use one. There are some places that I could not access Prezi, so I converted my Prezi into a PDF and made a PowerPoint. Tried inserting my PowerPoint to make it into a Prezi, but that is another feature I can’t use. I’m not really trying to subscribe for one or two features that were free, what could be an alternative for me to be able to use Prezi and PowerPoint because I have no problem doing the work especially when I can get it done for free.

I’m not looking to stick with PowerPoint because students are well aware of how to use it, and it is now boring to use, which is why I have been using Prezi.

Thank you


Exporting your Prezi Next presentation as a portable file or PDF is only possible with an Edu Plus/Plus license for the time being.

As for the PowerPoint import, the feature is being revamped for Prezi Next and is not released yet. In the meantime, I can recommend exporting your PPT presentations in PDF or JPEG format and then insert it.