Can I create a loop within the presentation?


I am looking to put a loop within a presentation without having to create other presentations to link to.

For example, what I want to do is, on slide 9 click on a created action button that takes me to slide 14. then slide 14 through 24 transitions from one to another and repeats until I click on an action button - on all the slides in the same position- that takes me to slide 31.

Is it possible with this program? If it is and I can easily transfer the presentations to PowerPoint (because all the service technicians use only PowerPoint), I will become a premium member.

Thank you for your time


What you are describing is not possible with Prezi.


@Eric_Marcouiller as Robin suggested, for the time being, this is not possible in Prezi Next. Could you please elaborate how you would use this feature? Then we can make sure to forward it to our product team.