Can I create a magazine-style quiz in Prezi?

What I want to be able to do, is create a Prezi where I have several questions where the user has an option of A or B. Something like a radio button that they click. The quiz would not change based on their answers, it would just record which selection they made the most. Then, at the end, It would tell them “You selected B the most often, so you are more likely to enjoy THIS product over the alternative.” I’m new to Prezi so I’m just wondering…Is something like that possible? 

By the way, the reason for my title, is that many magazines have similar quizzes. For example, what is the best skirt for your body type? So you circle your answers, and if you selected “C” the most, at the end it might tell you “If you selected C the most, you have a curvy figure and would do well with Pencil skirts.” —But of course, I’m hoping the quiz can record their answers and tell them what they selected the most.

I would also like to add a short quiz and word to definiition matching games into a Prezi and want to know if this feature has been added.