Can I create a Prezi Design with a map, then incorporate it into Prezi present?

The integration possibilities are not clear to me.
New to this stuff.

I basically would like to have a Europe map into a presentation where I would be able to zoom in to each country, and from there to some image landmarks of that country.

I imagine using this as a memory palace.

I saw that you can incorporate a map into Design, than search and place automatically landmarks (with image ?)
I saw this described in this tutorial : Prezi training on-demand: Getting started with Prezi Design - YouTube

Hello @Michel_Parmentier,

What you’re referring to in the video is an Icon map that places a pointer/marker on the map if you add coordinates or just search for the place. Here’s also a tutorial on how to create an icon map. However, you cannot add images to maps in Prezi Design.

If you want to create and present your presentation with Prezi Design and show multiple levels of the same map, you can do so by creating a map with several tabs and setting different zoom levels for each. To add tabs to the map, double-click to open the map’s datasheet and click on the + icon at the bottom left corner (just like you would add a new sheet in excel). Then you can set a different zoom level for each tab.

If you want to use Prezi Present for your presentation, please note that you can only add content from Prezi Design to Prezi Present as images, unfortunately. This means all the interactive features of Prezi Design maps (such as tabs) would not work if you transfer the map image to Prezi Present. The most convenient way to transfer content from one editor to the other is by using the Library. Here’re also tutorials on using the library in Prezi Design and adding content from the Library in Prezi Present.
If you’d like to show a map of Europe and then zoom in to country level on your presentation, I would suggest creating several maps of different levels with Prezi Design first, then save the maps to your Library and add the images in your presentation’s subtopics that have the zooming effect by default. You can also add other images on the subtopic level.

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