Can I create presentations with a free Basic license?

Hey everyone. I had a quick question. With a bare basic membership (free one), can I create presentations in Prezi Next? Or do I have to sign up for the free trial?

Hello @shraiy_gupta, yes, you can create presentations with a free Basic license, the only difference is that some paid features will not be available to you (for example inserting audio, downloading presentations, using the desktop application, etc.) I hope this helps.

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Please help me with the followings.
When registering, I selected free basic option, but when I try to start with a new prezi, I’m asked for my credit card details and I’m pushed to select prezi plus.
How can I use free basic license?
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Hello @Ferenc_Marton, you should be able to create a presentation with the free Basic license. Can you please try logging out and back into your account?

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Hello Sara,
Thank you for your reply.
I logged out an in again, that didn’t help.
The solution is, that by default, I wanted to create a prezi to be shared with selected persons. It seems that in Basic license it is not possible, I can only create public presentations.

Hello @Ferenc_Marton, yes, privacy settings is a paid feature, it is only possible to create public presentations with a Basic license.

Hi -I’m having the same issue. I’ve signed up for a free basic account but all templates require me to sign up for a free trial, which will later cost $7 per month. This seems a bit of a scam, no? Please help!

Hello @Jennifer_Jones, can you please send me a screenshot of what you see when you open the template chooser? Your license seems to be active and you should be able to create presentations.

Hi Sara,
I only need to create one presentation and would like to make it private. If I were to cancel my subscription after a month, what would happen to the presentation?
Would it make the presentation public?
Would the people with the link still be able to look at it after the subscription is cancelled?

Please advise,

Hello @Monica_Wolfe, when your license expires the presentation will still remain in your account and also keep its privacy status. You and people with the presentation’s view link will still be able to access it even if the subscription is cancelled. The presentation only becomes public if you edit it again with a free Basic license. I hope this helps.

Hi, I am new at this. I am wondering if I can start out with a free account to see if I like it. It forces me to upgrade in order to even create one slide.

Hello @Anna_Skaff, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You should be able to create presentations with a Basic license, there are just some features that are not available with this plan.

Could you please send us a screenshot of what do you see when you try to create a presentation? :slight_smile: