Can I deactivate my presentation's view link after sharing it?

I will likely be updating presentations that are already available to an audience, keeping them fresh.

My question is, once I have a link for a presentation out there to an audience, I don’t believe there’s a way to do a “scheduled push” of my updates (so they can all happen at once, and anyone who tries to access the presentation around that time will only see the old or the new version, nothing that is “halfway done”) if a scheduled push DOES exist, I absolutely need to leverage!

But, assuming this capability doesn’t exist, I need to at least be able to deactivate live sync… I love the auto-saving feature, but once I have a link out there, I can’t have it pushing out changes that aren’t final. My link has to lead to a polished presentation at all times. Thank you

When you create a view link, you should be able to deactivate it anytime you wish, please see the attached screenshot:

Hmm that may do the trick. Not as good as telling it to push all changes at X time on X day, but still helpful! So for my own understanding, if I deactivate the link and a viewer tries to access it, they’re going to see… just an error page? Come back later page? Reach out to creator?

Thank you!

They should see the following page: