Can I download a prezi with an Edu license?

Hi Vera, I have login id created for the educational purpose through my university id. Can I download a presentation in Next without buying PRO account ?

It depends which Edu license you have:
Edu Standard (free) - you cannot download presentations
Edu Plus (discounted price) - you can download presentations
You can check your Prezi Next license type in the License section of your Settings page.

Hi. I have a edu pro licence for prezi, but I cannot download my presentation from Prezi Next, though I could do so with Prezi Classic. Do I really have to pay to download presentations with Prezi Next?
Thank you.

@Clarissa_Jordao I’ve checked your license and according to our database, you now have Edu Enjoy and Edu Standard licenses. While Edu Enjoy license holders can download presentations in Prezi Classic, in Prezi Next this feature only comes with an Edu Plus license. Please see this overview on the different license types in Prezi Next.

They have become greedy now! Wasted several hours on creating a prezi next to realize that I cannot download it like prezi classic.

I’m done with prezi now! Back to old school google slides.

They should provide this at least for students. So that once we start earning we can pay for pro subscriptions.

Yes, you have to pay to download your Prezis now, even though the product lacks basic features such as a spell checker or support for Chinese characters …

Prezi must be in deep need of money. Get less and pay more. I’m really disappointed. I don’t see any possibility to furthermore use prezi as school teacher with my pupils. I would expect that I can do the same in prezi next for free as in prezi classic. Otherwise, bye-bye prezi.

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do you have portable presentations with pro edu account? (portable presentation means you can export your presentation, right?)

Hello @iman_kiani, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You’re able to download presentations with a Classic EDU Pro and Next EDU Plus plans :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much!

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is EDU Plus billed annually?

Hello @iman_kiani, yes :slight_smile:

again thanks:)

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