Can I download Prezi Desktop to multiple computers?

i have a mac at home and a pc at work.  can i download the appropriate version on each computer under one license?

Hey Gordon, 

Yes, our desktop version can be used from three different computer under one license. 


But how do you actually download to each one?

Hi, can this be changed? So if it had been download to the three computers, and the someone else in our team needed to use it instead, can this be moved from one computer to another?

New twist - can I download the Mac AND the Windows version to one machine? I am running a virtual PC on my Mac so I can work in both environments. I’d like to know if this is possible before I download one version to find out that I can’t download the other.

Hey Belinda, 

Yes, you can download both versions for your real and virtual machine. 

Kind regards,