Can I embed a downloaded Prezi to an internal intranet page?



Hey there, Prezi community!

I want to embed my downloaded Prezi to a corporate intranet for a couple of reasons: This particular Prezi is not shared publicly, and security/firewall won’t permit internet embeds. I’d rather not simply provide a link to the file, but have it play as an embed. Is this possible? (Thanks!)


@Dana_Reynolds We are sorry but currently it is only possible to embed the view link of the presentations.
I’m afraid the only solution would be to provide a download link so that everyone can watch it on their computers, even without internet connection or the Prezi app itself.


Thanks, Agnes,
I’ve run into a related issue: I have downloaded the zip file for mac, and although I can view it ‘offline’, others cannot. What exactly do I need to do for others to view the offline file?


@Dana_Reynolds Do you happen to know what kind of error the others run into when trying to extract the zip/exe file?

No internet conenction or specific app is needed in order to view the exported presentation, but please make sure that the computer they are trying to watch it on meets the system requirements.

Please let us know if you have any further information on the issue so we can further investigate, thanks in advance!