Can I embed a presentation to a website?



I’m only a simple user, so, my question is maybe very naive: if Prezi Next based on HTML5, than it is real, to build from a Prezi Next a website. In other words: I would like to have a Prezi-style website, maybe by presenting a Prezi presentation, this content, nothing else.


Could you please provide some more details so that we could help you better? Are you interested in embedding a presentation to a website?


My first goal: a website, that is (equal) a Prezi Next presentation. That is, I would make a Prezi Next presentation, then I’ll “put it on a web site” as a website himself. Second version: a webpage with the content of this presentation, nothing else, so I embed the presentation in Prezi Next that nothing else on the Web page. Third version: a web page where I embed the presentation, which is a movie, etc.


Thank you for the detailed response. In this case, I believe our article on embedding presentations could be very useful.


THX!!! I visit this article.


You’re very welcome!


Hi Gyorgy: I just joined Prezi Next and had the same exact idea. Were you able to successfully embed a Prezi Next presentation as the functional content of your website? If so, could you share the link to your site so I might see it live? All the best and thanks. Geoff


@Geoffrey_Elkind wouldn’t the suggestion of Lana above be helpful in your case?


Can Prezi presentations be embedded on other sites?


@Dilip_Nair we have merged your question to a relevant thread. Please follow the instructions in this article to embed your presentation on a website.


Can I link the presentation? - clicking on some heading/word/button i should be taken on the presentation page by staying in the same tab or taking to a new tab.


@Ann_Zed I hope I understand your question correctly:

If you would like to embed your Prezi on a website here’s how you can do it.

If you just want to insert the presentation as a hyperlink, you can do it by using the view link of your presentation.


Hi, good day. I have problems to generate embed code in my prezi. What I can do? I do not see the option to embed.

Thanks for you help


Hello @Hugo_Gomez, I merged your request with the relevant thread. Please, check Lana’s suggestion to know how to embed your presentation:


Thank you Catarina. I was able to do it!

Thanks for you help!