Can I embed a prezi with "Collaborators & clients" privacy setting to the site?

Hello, we are thinking of creating upgraded account with possibility of setting privacy to “Collaborators & clients”. We would like to use this kind of presentations as embeded elements on our internal comapny G-sites. Do I understand correctly that this presentation will be then viewable on the G-site but won’t be availabe to others (through some search engines, here on prezi site etc)? Or maybe if presentation has this setting it won’t be displayed correctly on the g-site?

Thank you for the help.

Hello @Patrycja_Engele, the privacy settings don’t apply to embedded presentations, only if you are sharing them, but if your company website is internal it won’t be available to others :slight_smile:

So to sum up - I can use privacy settings “Collaborators & clients” and then embed this presentation in G-site, so that it can be correctly displayed there (for people that have only G-site link, but not separate link to the presentation) and it is also protected from public view?

Hello @Patrycja_Engele, if you change your privacy settings to “Collaborators & clients” only people with whom you share the view link or add as collaborator will be able to see the presentations.

You can’t set the privacy for an embedded presentation, but if you embed it in your internal website only people with access to it will be able to see it :slight_smile: