Can I embed a prezi with "Collaborators & clients" privacy setting to the site?

Hello, we are thinking of creating upgraded account with possibility of setting privacy to “Collaborators & clients”. We would like to use this kind of presentations as embeded elements on our internal comapny G-sites. Do I understand correctly that this presentation will be then viewable on the G-site but won’t be availabe to others (through some search engines, here on prezi site etc)? Or maybe if presentation has this setting it won’t be displayed correctly on the g-site?

Thank you for the help.

Hello @Patrycja_Engele, the privacy settings don’t apply to embedded presentations, only if you are sharing them, but if your company website is internal it won’t be available to others :slight_smile:

So to sum up - I can use privacy settings “Collaborators & clients” and then embed this presentation in G-site, so that it can be correctly displayed there (for people that have only G-site link, but not separate link to the presentation) and it is also protected from public view?

Hello @Patrycja_Engele, if you change your privacy settings to “Collaborators & clients” only people with whom you share the view link or add as collaborator will be able to see the presentations.

You can’t set the privacy for an embedded presentation, but if you embed it in your internal website only people with access to it will be able to see it :slight_smile:

Hello @Catarina,

I have the same question and I am not sure to understand this answer. So if people not in the “Collaborators & clients” group want to see the presentation on the internal website, they can’t see the embed presentation because of the privacy settings ?

Hello @Ines_Haouache, you’re not able to set privacy for embedded presentations, so wherever you will post it, whoever has access to that website will be able to see it!

Just a constructive suggestion for Prezi Staff and @Catarina :
Seems like it would bring in lots of new Prezi customers if you could make embedded presentations private.

  1. If my Prezi contains something confidential or proprietary I’m not going to want to risk a disgruntled employee sharing the link. Or someone sharing that link innocently and suddenly that cool secret project you were developing is no longer a secret.

  2. It would open up a massive market of course creators who could now embed their Prezi created interactive content on their membership sites because it would ensure that only people who paid for the course have access to the Prezi.

  3. For years Vimeo has a cool setting where you can make your video invisible on the site, but can still embed it on specific domains. Seems like this would not be hard to implement.

Am I missing something or misinterpreting something? It just seems this feature would more than pay for itself in the new business that it would bring in and that new markets that would open up.

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Hi @Rob_Schultz, could you please elaborate on how would you imagine this scenario?

You can have your presentation private (only accessed by a view link) and still embed this to a website - the presentation does not have to be public in order to embed it.

If your presentation is private and cannot be accessed by a link either, how would you embed it?

Thank you Bart.

OK, so I’m probably misunderstanding when Catarina said in her response above: " … you’re not able to set privacy for embedded presentations."

What I would like to do is:

  1. Create a Prezi that is not viewable to the General Public.
  2. Embed that Prezi on a password protected membership site.
  3. (In other words, the password protection is part of the membership site, not the Prezi.)
  4. And have members able to view that embeded Prezi on the Membership site page.
  5. Without knowing the direct link to the Prezi itself. (i.e.

Let me know if I explained that with enough clarity. Is that possible?

I think Prezi creates a really unique opportunity for interactive content that would be really effective in teaching certain ideas as a part of paid programs.

Yes I could create a video from the Prezi - but that would remove the interactivity which is where Prezi really shines and distinguishes itself.

I’d like is to be able to deploy a Prezi as an embed without risking someone inadvertently sharing the direct link to the Prezi, at which point it no longer becomes necessary to become part of the program to access the content.

Does that make sense?

Hello @Rob_Schultz, sorry for my late intervention in this matter!

I’ll try to explain the differences between privacy settings end embedding a presentation:

  • When you set a presentation to private, it means that only those to whom you send the view link will be able to open it. They can only open it under a view page, not the editor, so no changes can be performed in the presentation, but anyone that has the view link will indeed be able to open it;

  • Both private and public presentations can be embedded using the corresponding view link. You can check this article to know more on how to get the embed code;

  • When you embed a presentation there aren’t any privacy settings you can choose from inside that feature, that’s why I mentioned previously that “you’re not able to set privacy for embedded presentations”;

  • The display of an embedded presentation contains the access to the view page, so I’m afraid that is very difficult to hide this element from the general public.

I hope this could bring more clarity :slight_smile:

Hi @Catarina - you mentioned “Both private and public presentations can be embedded using the corresponding view link.” - but after I set the presentation privacy to “People I share with” the embedded presentation no longer works. It would be very helpful if presentation privacy could be set to “Unlisted” like videos can be. That way we could still embed them in our own private websites without exposing them to search engines or Prezi search results. Is that option coming?

Hi @rodgerthat, do you mean to embed a presentation or a Prezi Video? If it is a presentation is it a Classic or a Present presentation?

Hi Bart - I’m referring to embedding a “Present” presentation.

Hi @rodgerthat, In case you set your presentation to “People I share with” you can still create a view link that you can use to embed your presentation.

Please check this article about view links, hope it helps!

@Rob_Schultz @rodgerthat - Did it work for you? I’m looking to do the same thing - embedding a Prezi Present set to private on to a webpage, but havn’t figured it out yet.

Hello @Firstsource_HC, it’s currently possible to embed private presentations by using the following code:

<iframe width="550" height="400" src="yourviewlink/embed" webkitallowfullscreen="1" mozallowfullscreen="1" allowfullscreen="1"></iframe>

Don’t forget to replace yourviewlink by the actual view link of the presentation you want to embed.

Please, let us know if you were able to do so :slight_smile:

Dear @Catarina Yes, it’s worked! Thank you sooo much, this has been a blessing.
However, I can notice that the interactive bit of the Prezi doesn’t seem to be working on this embed, it seems to be just moving from one slide to the other not really following the grouping Iv’e given it… please let me know if you’ve any inputs for that

Once again, thank you! :slight_smile:

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@Firstsource_HC thanks for confirming, and we’re happy it worked out :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for you to send us the page where you embedded the presentation so we can further investigate it, or is it in a private space?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Is it possible to remove the “View on” link that appears on embedded presentations? That brings them to view the presentation on a web page where our audience can then just share that link to others? We want to keep our content private within our member-only site.

Hello @Lauren_Hamm, I’d recommend you to check the following reply:

As a workaround, I can recommend you to export your presentation through the desktop application, and upload it to your member-only site, as this wouldn’t have any access to the view page.

Hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!