Can I evenly space subtopics around a topic?


Hi all,

Brand new to prezi here and very disappointed in my ability to space objects evenly. What I’d like to make a bubble chart with one central bubble and 8 other bubbles surrounding it. But, there is no such preset for 8 orbits, and adding new bubbles doesn’t seem to ever update the spacing of the others, instead simply adding it to the side of everything else.

I don’t want my presentation to look sloppy, but there seem to be almost no tools in prezi for creating evenly spaced elements. On top of all that, I can’t even get the coordinates of objects out of prezi, so even if I did want to go through the trouble of calculating euclidean norms and everything I couldn’t.

Does anyone know how to make a professional looking presentation in prezi, or is this for primary-schoolers? Should I hop back to powerpoint? How does anyone work with this? What am I missing?


A way to space subtopics around a topic evenly could be by manipulating the subtopic curve as it is shown in this GIF:

The end result can look like this:

I hope it could be an agreeable solution.