Can I group my text and the shapes they are inserted on?

I need to add text to a shape I have inserted. I have a bunch of text boxes inside a shape, but when I move the shape the text boxes don’t move with it. So every time I move the shape I have to draw each text box inside the shape. It’s very time consuming. This doesn’t happen in the topics and subtopics circles. If I move a subtopic circle the text boxes and pictures move with it. This is exactly what I need the inserted shapes to do.

Please help!

Thank you.

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@laura_dahlberg have you tried selecting everything by holding the Shift key? If you can remember to grab them all together (by holding Shift + drag selection box over anything you want to move/manipulate) they behave as a group. Then hopefully you won’t have to redraw every time.

But grouping is over once the selection is taken out.

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Yes, I’d like an answer to this too. I have a word-only topic title which I’d like to group onto the object I added. For example, I have the word ‘apples’ on top of a picture of an apple. I’d like to click on the whole apple to go to the topic, but right now, you must click on the word apple to open the topic.

I figured out how to do it. Select the text, then drag a picture into the selection. Then you have to manually move and resize it as long as you keep it in the dotted box. Using keyboard arrow to readjust seems to work best.