Can I hire a Prezi expert to create a presentation for me?


I’m probably barking up the wrong tree here… but I won’t know unless I try, right?

For the last month I have been banging my head against the wall trying to build my Prezi. The problem isn’t as much a Prezi thing… it’s that I do not have the software or knowledge needed to create a truly professional presentation I can use for my job. Do you know of a freelance designer who can help me?

I just thought of another question… would that person need their own Prezi Next pro account? How would that work?

Please contact me at with suggestions or questions.

Thank you!


You can find our independent Prezi experts on this website, they’ll be able to create you a professional presentation suitable for any work environment. They already have their own Prezi subscriptions.

Prezi freelancer needed, Pacific NW

@Jesse_Diehl - I am one of the Independent Experts endorsed by Prezi. I provide virtual training and coaching in Prezi Classic and Prezi Next. Check my website for details. I’ll email you my resume and portfolio.

I also have an online course designed specifically for Classic users to get them up to speed on Prezi Next: Transition to Prezi Next.



I want to find a Prezi Certified Expert in Washington DC but there doesn’t seem to be a way to post offers or search by region. Any suggestions?
I have several projects that need to be done and my learning curve is slower than my needs :wink:
Thanks for any feedback


Hello, @North_Pole_Returns. Yes, unfortunately not all, but some experts do have their location indicated on the Prezi Certified Program website. I am afraid, there is no other page where their contacts are collected.



I am a certified Prezi Expert. If you can’t find a local expert to meet with you face-to-face, consider hiring one of us to consult with you virtually. All of my fellow Experts and myself regularly work with clients remotely via video conference. My specialty is in training the client as we work together on a Prezi project. Most other Experts will design the presentation for you if you are not interested in learning the design skills yourself.

Contact me for more information. I can work with you or refer you to an expert Prezi designer.



I need someone who is professional in Prezi to present some idea in a creative way.



Hello, @Waleed. Please know that you can find a certified Prezi expert here. Hope this helps!


I had the same issue as you - needed someone to quickly create a presentation for me as I did not have time to go through the learning cycle.

I used Kevin McAllister of Ideas in Motion and he was great. My clients were very impressed by the presentation.

I wrote the text and Kevin decided on the format, selection of photo stock, and layout/progression. He did a really good job under a tight delivery timeline (okay, I procrastinated before calling for help). I would recommend him without reservation. You can reach him via e-mail at or by phone at 509-554-9216.