Can I insert a Prezi into another Prezi? I have two previous projects that I would like to put into a new project.


Hi Vera,
Thank you for the suggestion.  I was aware that I could copy content and insert it from one project to the next, but I actually want to play the entire Prezi within another presentation.  My plan is to screen capture the first prezi then insert the video file into the second prezi.  
Thank you!

I have 2 Prezi presentations and would like to merge them into one.  Is there simple way to merge these together?

I have created a prezi and I also have a really funky other prezi that I have bought from a company. I want to put a prezi within a prezi.

So I am doing a presentation on fan engagement and one section is an idea tank for which I have another prezi designed and built for me.

How can I put that prezi in the other one if I can at all.

Thank you

It would literally take Prezi to the next level if they could offer this feature of embedding one prezi within another.  
Please Prezi people, work on this… Please. 

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The workarounds do not work with my Prezis! :frowning:

Link is dead… here is the text from

Linking a prezi to another prezi is currently not a Prezi feature.

However, there are two workarounds you could use so that you don’t have to exit full screen mode during your presentation:

First, open the two presentations you would like to join in Edit mode. The two presentations may be using different templates, but this is not a problem.

  1. You can Select All (ctrl/cmd+A) in one of the prezis, then [copy/paste] the contents into the other prezi.

  2. You can Select All (ctrl/cmd+A) in one of the prezis and add the selected content to [Favorite], then go to the other prezi and insert the content using the ‘Insert’ menu and then clicking [My Content] [.] If you cannot see the contents in the My Content folder, please Refresh the page.

Please note that you can merge two prezis via these workarounds but you will only be able to use the theme from the prezi you are inserting content into.

Also note that you will have to add the path steps of the content you are inserting as copy pasting doesn’t include path steps.

Is it possible to link 2 to 3 presentations in 1?

Thanks Sara. I’m working with a sales kit presentation and wanted to include more slides on each subject but then there’s only 2 options to add, either to add subtopic or page. I also want to include more buttons on each slide to go through to the next page but I can’t. There’s no other way to solve this? Thanks a lot for your reply.