Can I modify one of the prezi video templates?

Hi there,

Is there a possiblity to edit the video templates or are they set in stone?


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Hello @Marc_Maurer, if you start creating from from Prezi Present, and select “Create from template”, you’ll be able to select between the Prezi Video templates library as well.

Then, you can just edit whatever you wish and reuse it in a video. Please, check this tutorial on how to do so.

Hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

Thanks Catarina,

The approach you are suggesting would work in theory. However, I actually would like to modify a template I find under templates when I am in the desktop app. There I can see a number of templates that just don’t show up when looking at the video templates accessible via Prezi present. Is there either a possibility to edit the internal video templates OR are there plans to list those templates under prezi present as well?


@Marc_Maurer thanks for the detailed response!

Currently it’s still not possible to edit the Prezi Video templates available through the “Quick create” option in the online editor, or the “Create video” option in the desktop application, but our Product team is already aware of this request :slight_smile:

In order to help us, I’d kindly ask if you could share which components of the Prezi Video templates you’d like to have the ability to change? Colours, available fonts, shapes?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Catarina,
Thanks. It would be awesom if in the first template just the colors of the right bar (they are blue and pink now) could be changed to our corporate colors. That’s really it!

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Thanks for sharing your feedback @Marc_Maurer it’s very useful for us to know what our users are looking for, so we can work on this feature. We’ll immediately pass it along to our Product team!

hey there,
all templates for prezi video give to much space to the camera therefore the slides/content are too small. any ideas/plans to change this?

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Hello @ichi_eder, we will send your recommendation to our Product team.

You are also able to change the views in your video to display exclusively the slides, yourself or slides + yourself, so I would recommend you to play with this, as the content can be more visible when you select the slides option. Please check this video example :slight_smile:

slides + myself is the right one! but as I said another size ratio would be good! less myself, more for the slides. the template needs no graphic elements, just the plain slide.
would be great!
thank you


The size and placement of this Google Spreadsheet box for this “Wave” Desktop Video Template is too small and too far down. It should be centered vertically and much bigger?

Another idea: Why not create a template where the speakers face does not take up so much space?

Finally: Why not add the option for a watermark/logo on the lower left of each of these templates?

Is there a similar template to these anywhere else that I can edit or purchase?