Can I only share a Prezi Next presentation via its link in the free plan?

should’ve mentioned clearer about the sharing method which only limited to sharing links instead of downloading it etc. like prezi classic, thank goodness ive just started the whole presentation. :neutral_face::unamused::person_frowning::person_with_pouting_face::information_desk_person:

Downloading a presentation or saving it as a pdf are still possibilities in Prezi Next but as in Prezi Classic since 2015, these are only available with an Edu Plus/Plus license.

For further details about sharing a presentation, please check this article.

Downloading in pdf is nothing compare to downloading a full prezi file - as a .pez file in Prezi Classic. The lack of this feature makes Prezi Next close to useless in big corporation, where the security policies demand download to own enviroment.

@Mads_Svaneklink it’s possible to create a downloaded (previously called portable) presentation in Prezi Next, it can be exported via the desktop application. It also requires a Plus/Edu Plus license.

Yes Vanda, but can this downloaded version be imported again to be edited? Like with .pez files in Prezi classic?

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@Paul_Naveau exporting a presentation as a .pez file like in Prezi Classic is currently not possible in Prezi Next, I’m afraid.

Well, then we’re back to square one.
All major corporations - who has a strict IT-policy - will demand a downloaded and editable file-type. Otherwise their users has to share it via Cloud - which isn’t safe enough.

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I am new here but wanted to use Prezi for business purposes. So what you are saying is that is is not possible to export and editable Prezi next file from my account and send it to my customer who has an own account/license/installation so he can import the file and edit it?

Please, this has to be possible! This is a basic requirement!

Thanks for your reply


If your customer has a Prezi Next license you can invite him as a collaborator. This way he will be able to edit the presentation on his account. You can find a step-by-step guide here.

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Hi Luanda

Thanks for your reply. I do know that, but that’s not the solution for me. I will have several customers and can not invite all of my customers in my Prezi-Account. But I get your answer, so it is not possible to share editable files. Really annoying, sorry to say that.

Do you plan to include the feauter of downloading editable files? If so, when?

Or is there a possibility, that I can transfer my account/license to the customer, meaning like put him as the “admin” of the account and delete myself?


Hi Robert,

After inviting the costumers as collaborators, you can ask them to create a copy of the presentation. After that you can remove them as collaborators.

You can transfer your account by changing the e-mail address and ask the person who will own the account to reset the password using the forgot password option.