Can I put local/offline videos in a presentation


Hi there,

I would like to create a presentation with several videos, and share this presentation on 15 different devices (mostly android tablets) simultanously, and without internet connexion.
So, different questions:

  • Is it possible to put offline/local videos in a presentation?
  • How doest it work on a tablet : is it possible to download the presentation and then “install” it on a tablet?
  • Do I have to have 15 accounts or just one to share simultanously on 15 offline tablets?

Thanks a lot!


@Nicolas_Doduik You are able to add local videos that to your presentation with a Plus or above license that you can trial for 7 days for free if you upgrade your free license.

With this option, you are able to present your presentation offline, via the desktop application, as a portable downloaded presentation for computers or from the Prezi Viewer app for tablets and smartphones.

Presentations can only be viewed on tablets and phones with the free Prezi Viewer app, so this application should be installed on all devices and you also need to log in with your account details to be able to access your material.

Once you log in and sync your presentations to the tablet, you will be able to save them for offline use within the app so you can present without internet connection as well.


@Agnes thanks for your quick answer.
So, with just one “Plus license”, I will be able to install the Prezi Viewer app on several tablets and to access simultaneoulsy to my presentation on these different tablets? The fact that I log in on one table may log me out on an other one, but I will not prevent me from presenting an offline material on this other tablet?

And last question: what is the required format for the local video? Do I need to put it on Youtube first, or can I just put a .mp4 or .mov in my presentation via the desktop application?


@Nicolas_Doduik The Prezi Viewer app can be used regardless of your license type and yes you will be able to log into the app on multiple tablets simultaneously and save your presentation for offline use on the devices. You need to be logged into the app to access the presentation but this should not be an issue as you can be logged in on multiple tablets.

As for local video files, you have to use MP4 video files with .mp4 extensions. Audio should be in AAC Codec (HE-AAC codecs are not supported).