Can I record my Zoom call while using Prezi?

Everything works fine on the test, I use Prezi and my audience can see the slides. but the moment I hit record, the Prezi slides stop showing.

ANy fixes?

Hi @Tony_Blauer, this is currently not possible, if you are presenting live with Prezi Video you cannot record at the same time. I would recommend you record the Zoom meeting inside the conferencing app.

Hope this helps!

Hallo Bart and Tony,

Today we did a test and recording a Zoom stream from Prezi video worked pretty well.

And a work around is to have a colleague logged in as well, make them co-host, and let them record.

We tested both options (both recording als host, and as co-host) and both worked, including saving of the chat (when recording to the computer, if recording to cloud, you might not have chat being saved)

PS would be great if Prezi Support creates a tutorial video about recording a Prezi video that is streamed through Zoom, while also capturing speaking participants and saving the chat.

Using the record function of Prezi itself didn’t work.

PPS @Bart, now I realize that that our workaround is what you meant too, when recommending recording the Zoom meeting inside the conferencing app (aka Zoom). That is exactly what we did.

Hi @Henny_Cramers, thanks for the detailed description of your workaround.

There is a nice article prepared by Zoom on how to record your meetings.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @Bart!

And the info in this article is known to me, working with Zoom for years now.
(however, very supportive for those who might be less familiar with it)

What I meant was a more extensive article about how using Prezi Video and streaming through Zoom collaborates and what things are to take into account.

For example, we didn’t know that you can’t use Prezi Video recording feature when streaming via Zoom.

Another thing we noticed is that if the presenter (host) has Zoom in gallery view (in order to be able to see all participants), the recording will also be in gallery view, even when in Prezi a slide is in full view.
So the slides appear to be one of the thumbnails in gallery view, instead of full screen (what we were used to as happening automatically with Keynote or Powerpoint).

Luckily we had a recording of the co-host, with slides in full screen, however this recording appeared to be in much lower resolution and less quality when replayed in full screen.

So there are some pitfalls to take in consideration …
(maybe especially for people who have been using Zoom in combination with Keypoint or Powerpoint and now are testing (or transferring) to Prezi Video)

Hi @Henny_Cramers, thanks for the answer!

Please note that Prezi Video and Zoom are two different applications so all that you’ve described are specificities of Zoom. We do not control anything regarding a recording in Zoom.

We do cover everything regarding streaming Prezi Video with Zoom in this article.

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Thank you, @Bart!