Can I redirect my Prezi files as I'm running out of space on my local drive?


I’m challenged with storage space on my computer. My local drive is practically full, so I’m trying to clean things up. With the help of my company IT, we’ve determined I have quite a lot of files in some Prezi folders:

  1. Documents\Prezi Pitch\Content
  2. Documents\Prezi Pitch\Templates
  3. Documents\Prezi\Content
  4. AppData\Roaming\com.prezi.PreziDesktop\Local Store

What are these, and can any of it be safely deleted? (I have some lists or screen shares I can private message if needed, it’s a LOT. Nothing is overly big on its own, but all the smaller files are adding up.)

I’d be ready to wipe out anything Prezi Classic (as long as I can still access online). For my Next presentations, some links are inactive but most presentations are still needed, though not all have to be 100% synced to my desktop if there’s a way to keep them cloud-based. And/or is there a way I can redirect these files to be stored somewhere else (like a company network folder instead)? Thanks!


These folders are the locations where the presentations are stored. If you have everything synced to your cloud, you can delete it, but next time when you open the desktop application, it is going to start to download the content automatically.

I would recommend upgrading the storage if possible, or to use an external drive for some other items like (documents, images, videos) and leave Prezi data in the default location because it cannot be moved, I’m afraid.