Can I select the path in each level instead of the whole presentation?

  1. Can I select the Path in each level than for the whole prezi. In some levels, I want the path to be topic-subtopic1-topic-subtopic2. But in some I want topic-subtopic1-subtopic2. How do I that?

  2. I want some animations to come up in my level after I return from a certain subtopic. How can I do that?

Hello @Braja_Mohan_Das, you have some path settings through the Prezi Presentations Dashboard, you can change the path settings, here:

I advise you to create a presentation through Prezi Presentations and then convert it into a video. You can read more about converting into a video, here.

Can you explain more about your second question?

I hope to hear from you soon! :smile:

Basically I want to have a hold on when subtopics appear & when I can Zoom into them. Currently it seems all my subtopics will Fade in & then I can Zoom in!


Topic A has three sub-topics A1, A2, A3

Slide 1: Only Topic A is visible
Slide 2: Topic A is visible & sub-topic A1 Fades in
Slide 3: We Zoom into subtopic A1
Slide 4: We Zoom out to Topic A1
Slide 5: Topic A is visible, subtopic A1 Fades out, subtopic A2 Fades in
Slide 6: We Zoom into subtopic A2
Slide 7: We Zoom out to Topic A
Slide 8: Topic A, subtopic A1, A2 are visible, subtopic A3 fades in
Slide 9: We Zoom into subtopic A3
Slide 10: We Zoom out to Topic A

Watch my Prezi, where I am trying to figure out this:

My suggestion is Add a feature in Animations:

  1. Zoom into the sub-topic
  2. Zoom out to the Topic

That will help us have a control on Zooming & Fading!

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Hello @Braja_Mohan_Das, feedbacks and comments are really important for Prezi. I will forward this as feedback to our developers’ team if you don’t mind. We are always trying to improve our products, and comments like yours are essential!

Let me know if we can help with anything else, and I’ll happily assist you! :blush:

Another & better way to do this:

Add Two Features to the Animations Pane:

  1. Iteration Record: History of each visit to a Topic/Subtopic is recorded in the Animations pane & one could choose in which iteration does their other animations happen. Say I call the number of visits to i (iteration)

  2. Zoom to the topic (one gets the option to select any topic/subtopics in the Prezi). Say I want to Zoom to subtopic A1 (it will be Z{A1})

PFA the dropbox link of an example:

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Hello @Braja_Mohan_Das, thank you so much for all of your effort, suggestions, and comments! :smile: