Can I stop animated Gifs from looping in Prezi Present?

Maybe this has been covered elsewhere, couldn’t find it.
I have an animated gif that was a looping gif, but I have changed that so it shouldn’t loop.
A strikethrough that I only want to show once.
When I open it with Word or Chrome it doesn’t loop anymore but whatever I try it keeps looping in Prezi.
Do all animated gifs always loop even if loop forever has been unchecked (in GIMP) or loop count is set to 1 in for example Lunatic?

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Hi @Jesse_van_Akkeren, animated Gifs are currently looping by default.

I will definitely forward this feedback to our developers to look into as a possible future feature, thank you for taking the time to share your input with us. :slight_smile:

So that means that Prezi loops the gifs ? Would be nice to have the option (looping, no-looping, or even loop-count)

Thanks. Meanwhile solved it by making a screenshot of the GIF when finished and inserting that over the GIF as a new image.

Hi @Jesse_van_Akkeren, yes exactly, currently we don’t have the option to turn off the automated looping of the GIF.

Thank you for the feature request and for sharing your workaround. :slight_smile:

Definatly would love this function please!