Can I store my data in the EU?


Hello Lana,
is there an option to choose where the data are stored? In discussions in my company, I face also concerns with my colleagues, about the storage servers. Due to our IT guys, storing Prezis in European Union locations only, is the only possible way to spread Prezi here.
BR Torsten

Where are Prezi servers located?

@Torsten_Dederichs currently, it’s not possible to decide where the data is stored, I’m afraid. We regularly get feedback like yours and we channel these back to our Product Team. We understand how data protection is very important for our customers, especially if they work with sensitive information. We will update this topic with any news!


Hello Vanda,
you should really work hard on this. My boss right now told me to stop testing Prezi because of this unsolved issue. Without not being able to control our data, we are definitely not allowed to store it in any cloud.
Sorry. But from my point of view it really is a pitty, since I like many more in our company this tool.
BR Torsten


We are very sad to see you go, @Torsten_Dederichs. We understand all the implication of us not being able to provide this for you and we will try our best to improve it.


From this year we have a new law in Sweden about data storage. Since you cant store the data in EU when you use Prezi, everyone that present some kind of personal data in Sweden are prohibited to use your product. Maybe its time to give your European customers what we ask for?


@Moa_Sundberg, could you please know which law exactly you are referring to (number, title, paragraph, point)? We have asked our data protection analyst and they did confirm that as a result of the GDPR, Sweden will get a new Data Protection Act (DPA) and the new DPA will complement the GDPR, without any prohibition in connection to data transfers to 3rd countries.


Articel 44-50


@Moa_Sundberg – Plase note that Article 46 of the GDPR describes what is considered appropriate safeguard:

(b ) binding corporate rules in accordance with Article 47;
(c ) standard data protection clauses adopted by the Commission in accordance with the examination procedure referred to in Article 93(2);

Prezi meets these requirements:

  • There are binding corporate rules in force
  • we carry out data transfers from EEA to the US under signed SCC (Standard Contractual Clauses for EU controller to non-EU or EEA processor - EU Decision 2010/87/EU) between Prezi, as data controller (or exporter) and the third parties as data processors (or importers).