Can I subscribe for Premium on monthly basis?


I want to use Prezi Premium for three months. Will I have to subscribe for the entire year? Or do I have an option to subscribe for a few months only?


The Premium license is only available with a yearly subscription. I am sorry for any inconvenience.


This is very inconvenient.


I too need it for a short term for my university presentation, is it possible for a 3 month or shorter term subscription? I would happily pay for this rather than a full year as I wont need to use it.


That’s not possible, I’m afraid, as Premium is currently only available in a yearly subscription format.


Any reason for that? Doesn’t make sense to pay for a full year (an excess of 10 months) when prezi is only required for a month or 2?
Let me know please, thanks


We regularly test different pricing options and in the future, we might offer different versions of Premium subscriptions, but for the time being, it is only available with a yearly commitment.

As you would like to use it for educational purposes, would perhaps our free Edu Standard or our discounted Edu Plus work for your purpose better? You can read more about these packages here.