Can I subscribe for Premium on monthly basis?


I want to use Prezi Premium for three months. Will I have to subscribe for the entire year? Or do I have an option to subscribe for a few months only?


The Premium license is only available with a yearly subscription. I am sorry for any inconvenience.


This is very inconvenient.


I too need it for a short term for my university presentation, is it possible for a 3 month or shorter term subscription? I would happily pay for this rather than a full year as I wont need to use it.


That’s not possible, I’m afraid, as Premium is currently only available in a yearly subscription format.


Any reason for that? Doesn’t make sense to pay for a full year (an excess of 10 months) when prezi is only required for a month or 2?
Let me know please, thanks


We regularly test different pricing options and in the future, we might offer different versions of Premium subscriptions, but for the time being, it is only available with a yearly commitment.

As you would like to use it for educational purposes, would perhaps our free Edu Standard or our discounted Edu Plus work for your purpose better? You can read more about these packages here.


unfortunately, I will have to find another tool that will provide what i need for the short term. I am willing to pay for the month or two, but my budget does not allow for the year.



Honestly, I total understand why torrents exists. Interesting that Prezi, the company which grown so fast and into a big company can’t make monthly or quarter payments. Why must anybody to pay a whole year, when he / she using it for short term. I always started the payment process, but I stopped myself, because I’m not a presenter fanatic, who make 10-20 presentation pro day. I know, that you are doesn’t care and money is more important that the customer, for example student customers, but a short of Math

You offer (let example me in Hungary) 1 year for 104 EUR include VAT. You never mark that I must paid yearly amount, except before the final confirm. During one year I calculate with 5 presentation, each presentation cost me 20 EUR. I must choose the bigger package, because I doesn’t know that your servers are fine, the provider of the net is fine, or the school’s PC-s are fine. In the basic version isn’t offline access, so I’m hang totally from the luck and coincidence. So back : 20 EUR pro presentation. Who makes 100 presentation during one year, the unit price so 1,04 EUR pro presentation.

What’s you make is the hunger for money. You want money for one year, but when somebody cancel the subscription, you doesn’t give back his / her money. I ask something. In Hungary (beside my education I work as accountant too) I want to ask the accounting fee ahead from all my customer for the whole 1 year. What do you think? Will them pay it off or looking after a better solution who aren’t so sick for money?


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