Can I update the color of elements with one click?


When editing a Prezi Next, I may want to change, for example, the color of the text for several subtopics, selecting a custom color by the hex code.
I’d like that when I specify my hex code, and then go to the next subtopic to modify the text color, the palette remembers the last custom color, so that I do not have to retype the hex code all the times.
Thanks a lot!


You are able to right click on the content (text, topic, subtopic) and select Update style preset. This will update all similar content to the same color and style. For example, if you set the color for a subtopic and the border thickness, you are able to right click on the subtopic and select the Update style preset option to update all subtopics to be customized this way.

Please check this short video on how it works:

I hope it helps!

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@GermanLetsKotz_Gronk you can change the color easily, please see my answer above.


Does this work with pre-made templates? I’ve tried in Chrome and Edge and it just doesn’t update the other topics or subtopics? I’m lost.


@Anthony_Bracamonte Do you mean at all? When you update the style preset by clicking on a topic, it will only change the colour of the topics, you would need to do this separately with the subtopic level as well.