Can I upload a Portable Prezi INTO ?

guys i made a prezi sometime ago and i have it saved on my PC as a downloaded .zip file. When i open however, this specific prezi is not there! is there anyway that i can upload it to

So, if I am right, it is not possible to upload a portable prezi to

Jan-Willem Seip
The Netherlands


I downloaded my prezi’s awhile ago as pez files so that I can save them without keeping my prezi account. How can I view these presentations again? And you are telling me I can’t put these files back int my prezi account?

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I used the prezi for Windows to do a presentation, but this happened in the last year. Is it possible to download this presentation in now?

I am having the same issue.  I need to download portable Prezi into my online login to I can share it.  This is not possible?  Importing it into Dropbox doesn’t work either.

Please help

This makes no sense. I have portable prezis that  I spent a great deal of time on and basically, I can not access them unless I buy the desktop version? On my part time adjunct salary that is not feasible. Therefore, the prezis are not usable any longer. Not good planning by the Prezi team unless  I am missing something.  At least with PowerPoint I can open anything I’ve made in the past 12+ years.

Hi nicki :slight_smile:

Is it possible to upload a portable prezi (which is non-editable as mentioned) to my account?

I don’t need to further edit it yet I do need for it to be on my account for as I wish to share it’s link on other platforms (e.g. Linkdn, FB etc)

I am a windows user and I have got a .exe file of my latest edit presentation, but I need a .pez (which is lost apparently:( ) to add and edit. Can you please help me get it back?

P.s. I’ve search the internet and watched youtube, they talk abt a “data” folder which I don’t have!!