Can I use a picture as a topic cover?

Is there a way that I can make a topic cover a picture rather than a bubble with a word?

Hi Jody!


Step one
First you need to decide if you’re going to be using ‘Planets’ or ‘Stacks’ and get the flow you require.

Step two
You need to select the cover you’re going to be editing. In the top left corner you’ll see the ‘Topic Cover Setting’ Icon. In here you need to select ‘Custom’ then ‘Edit cover content’. This will now allow us to change the text, colour, and image within the planet.

Step three
Once you’re in cover you can go ahead and place the image within it.

Step four
We can now do one of two things (depending on whether you want a colour background/Planet or transparent background/Planet) if you’re going for a colour background/Planet;
Make the icon/image bigger than the cover and ensure you completely disguise the planet. After that you can resize the topic and change the colour to what you desire.

Transparent background;
All you’ll need to do is keep the icon the same size and reduce the Planets colours transparency to 0.


yes :heart_eyes: i tried this before & it was working but time & effort consuming :tired_face:

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I am not able to add different kinds of frames. I don’t have the +sign to choose what kind of frame I want. are you maybe able to help me



@menno_hilz, please check this thread and also you can see this GIF for step-by-step instructions.

I do not seem to have Topic Control Settings. Does this have something to do with what I am signed up for. I thought I had the most common plan…or am I missing something?

Editing a topic cover is an option available for users with all kinds of subscriptions. In this post you can see a step-by-step on how to edit a topic cover. I hope this helps.

It only gives me shape choices. no custom

Hi @Scott_Snyder, could you please elaborate on that?

You can add your pictures into the topic cover if you right-click on the topic cover, select advanced topic editing, then insert your image into the topic cover.

How to use an image as a topic.

Hello @Tamizhinian_Senthil, I merged your question into the relevant thread. Kindly check this reply.