Can I use prezi for commercial use?

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I already tried to read the terms of right by prezi. My problem is that I didnt find anything for the commercial use of it. I would like to use it for kind of a coaching online for school stuff on youtube. I also found some possible programs I could use, but to use prezi is much more impressive and easy to handle.
Then I thought maybe there are differences in the price of prezi for commercial use, but I only saw that you have just more storage place and you can hide your own presentation and some other little possibilities.

So, my question is: Can I use prezi for my own commercial use? As I already told you , I didnt find a source in the terms of right. Can someone tell me where I can find those information ? :slight_smile:

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So I just have to write down in the end of my coaching video: " Used with permission from Prezi Inc." and everything is alright? :) 

Sure, my content will be created by myself and I wont hurt the copyright of screenshots, videos or other stuff :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone!

Is it possible to use prezi-public or prezi- edu enjoy for commercial use?
If not, please give me an information which prezi I should buy, prezi- enjoy or prezi- pro?


Dear Sir or Madam, I own a YouTube channel in Germany and create educational videos with prezi. I know that I am not allowed to use fonts by Microsoft Word if I use them in a commercial way e.g. for videos on YoTube where I receive money from.
My question is now: Am I allowed to use the prezi font “Cabin” (or other prezi fonts) for my educational videos on YouTube in a commercial way? I couldn’t find any information on

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My Name ist Marco and I would like to inform people on youtube about my projects.
I really like Prezi, so I asked myself, if I could record my presentations and upload them to youtube, so that everybody is informed about my upcoming projects.

Is that allowed and can I upload them, even if I only have the free account?

Thanks for answering!


I would like to use my Prezi for a presentation in public ( Vegas show).Can I do it without any issues? Do I need to leave your logo somewhere?  My profile is the old account ( free account). 

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As I am student in a French Business School, I have a Prezi Student Account. I would like to use one of my creation and present it in a professional context, for my internship. Am I able to do it ?*

My company is not interested in rolling out prezi as a business account for the employees. I like prezi pretty much and want to use it in private and business surroundings.
If I own a private account, am I allowed to use the prezi in a business meeting? Or are there restrictions and I need a second account to use in business?

If I create videos with some prezi presentations can I sell those videos for profit?

all the elements in the prezi presentations will be mine including the font.

Hey Guys,

Wunderding if it’s legal and possible to use the “Edu Pro” license for commercial purposes e.g.  Youtube.

Thanks in advance.

Paid Webinar or only able to use for free stuff?*

Hello, can I use the default template created by prezi, insert my own content into it and use for commercial purpose?

Hello, are we able to use Prezzi Next for commercial use? If we just have the basic free account can we use this?

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